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The objective of this membership program is to create a better life experience for our members. Experience that will positively impact the personal life, Business and Networking of our members. We offer 4 levels of  membership Program: 1- standard level ( free) 2- Platinum  level (Payable) 3- Gold level( payable per year) and 3- Bronze level (payable per year) NB: all  levels, including standard free level has lot of benefits and free services to enjoy. You can as well Start at standard free level, when ready, you can then Upgrade to the Platinium, Gold or Bronze level. START TODAY and JOIN the free level below.

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Benefits, Requirements and Frequently Asked Questions

To become a member, simply: 1- choose you membership level.2- fill in the form to register and Submit to register. below are the benefit of each membership level. 

The Benefits of standard  free membership  level , includes but not limited to:

  • – 10% discount of any product purchase on our website
  • 1 hr business consulting
  • Youtube channel creation
  • available Big cooking pot for your party
  • Free 1 hr drone photography
  • Free update on newly released product
  • more coming soon

Benefits of Platinum membership level include, but not limited to:

  • All benefits in the standard Level.
  • Free 1 business registration in one year. (after you have been member for 5 Months)
  • 20% discount on any product or service you buy from our website
  • Free drone photo and video for 2 hrs in your party. once per year.
  • Free personal or business  website design. 3 pages.
  • 2 hrs business consulting in one year.
  • More benefits coming soon

The Benefits of Gold Membership include, not limited to:

  • All benefit from Platinum membership
  • 4hrs photo and video for your party, once a year.
  • Free business stamp
  • Free Business Sign
  • Logo
  • Business Cards(50)
  • Free business plan (one business idea)
  • Business or personal website design 5 pages
  • 2hrs business consulting 2 time per Year
  • Business registration
  • 25% discount on any purchase on the website
  • Big cooking pot for your party
  • More benefit coming soon

The benefit of Bronze Membership includes but not limited to:

  • 5hrs drone video and photography, for your party once a year
  • personal plus e-commerce website design, 5 pages
  • business registration
  • More benefits coming soon
  • Business Stamp
  • Small Business Sign
  • Business plan (for one business idea)
  • Business Logo
  • Business Cards (50) 
  • Youtube channel
  • Business Plan(one business)
  • 25 % percent Discount on all product you buy on the website
  • Free Marketing Strategy(one business)
  • Business consulting twice per Year.

You can pay on this website, after you have chosen your membership level, fill the form and click Submit. you will be immediately directed to payment check out page, where you can pay using your debit Visa, or you can make bank deposit. or you can call us to make e-wallet payment.

Membership cost is per Year. But you can pay in Monthly installment. 

Yes you can cancel any time. And your benefit will stop immediately.

Yes for certain services, No for some service  benefits like drone photography free website. But after you have been a member for 5 Months, you can start enjoying all the benefits.

Yes you can change anytime.

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