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If you are on  “debt collection or listed on ITC (Transunion), You will not be qualified for these Internet Packages Below.  Here are the two main Conditions to be Qualified. 1- You should Not be on debt collection, not be listed on ITC ( Transunion) 2- You should be working and provide a payslip with a minimum Salary of N$2000 per Month. ” How to find out if You are listed on debt collection or listed on  ITC ? ” You  can discover whether you are listed on ITC by requesting your credit report from Transunion: Simply send from your phone  an  {SMS to 081 341 8727 with your ID number} They will respond You. Yes is for FREE to get Your Report .

Requirements and Frequently asked questions

1-  Business Package is generally use for a work or business place. Business network setting  has a  faster speed  than residential, since you are mostly using it for work.

2- Business packages application requires business documents.

3- In certain cases, business packages application requires a deposit amount of money ranging from N$1500 to N$2000

4- Residential internet Package is mostly use for a personal residential place, like house or apartment..

 5- Residential Packages application requires personal documents.

1- You need to have a minimum salary of N$2000 per Months

2- You should not be on debt collection or  listed on  ITC (transunion)

2- You should provide  copies of  3 Months bank statements with  bank stamp on it,  Your latest payslips with your company stamp on it,  copy of your  ID or Passport, Rental agreement or Water bill as  proof of address. 

1- You need to have a registered business.

2- Provides the Business documents like founding statements. 

3- Provides Tax certificate, fitness certificate, 

4- Bank confirmation letter of your Business Account

5- Copies of ID or Passport for all Members of your company

6- You will provide a deposit fee of N$1500

Yes, there is. The cost is N$222 if your address is in Windhoek. if your address is out of Windhoek, the cost is N$333.

No, you do not buy any Device. After your application has been approved, the installation will be done with everything included.

If your internet package is for residential usage, there is No upfront payment. But if is for business usage, there is upfront payment of N$1500 to pay after your applicable has been approved.

1- After your application has been approved, and installation done, an automatic payment system will be set up. A direct debit will made from Your Monthly to pay for the internet service

 It takes 3 to 5 day to be approved. After the approval, the installation takes 14 to 21 day depending on your area and city.

Yes , we provide portable white box router . is a 5G , providing high speed Internet. It has a SIM CARD slot where you you can load your data any time you want. You can also control how much you would like to spend per Month in Data. Click the link below for more info >https://techjarr.com/product/portable-wifi/

Yes , you can get wireless portable wifi. You can buy the device cash and load internet data the same day. Click the following link for more info https://techjarr.com/product/portable-wifi/

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Per month

  • Unlimited usage
  • 36 Months contract
  • 2048 K upload speed
  • 768 k download speed
  • Residential use only


Per month

  • Unlimited Usage
  • 24 Months contract
  • 2048 K Upload speed
  • 768 K Download speed
  • Residential use only

Select Your Business Package Below and click “Apply Now” to fill the form. Or simply fill the form below and click Submit.


Per month

  • Unlimited usage
  • 36 Months contract
  • 4096 K upload speed
  • 2048 k download speed
  • Business use


Per month

  • Unlimited Usage
  • 24 Months contract
  • 4096 K Upload speed
  • 2048 K Download speed
  • Business use

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